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TrackMan Range is an easy to use, self-service golf gaming and practice bay for outdoor and indoor golf facilities. Featuring addictive pay to play gaming and golf improvement applications, TrackMan Range provides ours customers an exciting and innovative way to practice.

Trackman Range works with targets coordinated with the TrackMan radar unit are placed on the driving range at chosen distances.  The radar then precisely analyzes and records every shot golfers hit at the targets: displaying an image in real time of their shot, club face, club path plus ball data on the touch screen monitor.

Players gain instant feedback of their swing and shot shape put into simple terms like draw, slice, fade, push and hook. All ball flight and club data like trajectory, carry, roll, dispersion, ball speed are displayed instantly on the monitor to give the golfer a total overview of every shot. Golfers can play target games, test clubs & gaps or simply practice and have fun.

All playing sessions, stats and images are uploaded in real-time to the user’s profile on Customers can log in to the golf community to review, share and compare sessions at their leisure.

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