"NOVOGOLF and their custom clubs have helped me improve my golf game by giving me at least 10 more yards."

— Best-Selling Author James Patterson


"Dear Bill, I had a terrific experience at NOVOGOLF. Your expertise, the track man analysis, and hitting out to a range (not a screen) made for an unbelievable & accurate experience. My swing and ability place me at the upper end of women's clubs and at the men's senior club level. I have had 3 other " fittings" for sets of irons with PGA pros, but nothing like this. I also appreciate your non- pressure approach. Hopefully, more women will try this type of professional/analytical fitting, as I believe many women are playing with the wrong clubs or shafts.

I went for the complete fitting. What a difference in my game. The driver portion resulted in an adjustment that made for longer & more accurate drives ( with just a change of shaft). I bought new hybrids that were easier to hit. We decided on an off the rack set of Callaway irons w/ a shaft change. Bill made adjustments in the irons to fit my swing. A change in shaft for my 60 degree sand wedge made it easier to hit. An off the rack putter suited to my dominant eye, and finally the right choice of ball completed the session. My handicap quickly dropped 3 strokes. My playing partners were amazed with the change in my game. Had my best golf season ever."

— Ann Capobianco


"Bill Cho and NOVOGOLF are "THE REAL DEAL". Not only does NOVOGOLF have one of the most modern and hi tech golf fitting facilities on the east coast, but Bill Cho is the "Maestro". He knows the science of his craft and he also has a gift for knowing what will work for different golfers and different swing types. Then, after he and his client have decided on what club head and shaft combination will maximize performance, the NOVOGOLF staff, with meticulous detail, can build clubs with the "best of them". They will NEVER sell you something they think is wrong for you (even if you are pre-stuck on a certain brand) and will always follow up and ask for feedback about how your club fitting and selection are working out. Bill and NOVOGOLF are rare in this golf industry of ours. Honesty,integrity, true obsessive attention to detail and an unlimited selection of gear are what you get. I could not recommend Bill Cho and NOVOGOLF more."

— Louis Woolf DDS


"I didn't know what the golf fitting, or analysis was before. I got hooked up with Bill. I spent around 2 hrs with him. He was very professional, I must have gone through 5-6 different club heads and shafts in different brands. he marked the ball to see the contact point on the club. As time progressed, my iron shot was getting better and better. He must have tweaked several times, when he finally was done, my shot improved tremendously. I was hitting 20 more yards then my existing club. I loved it. I would recommend to all my friend and family. They are booked up in fitting, I would recommend booking it early. This place made me feel very special and I felt like I was getting ready to join PGA. I will assure you, you will not be disappointed. club came down to Epon or Miura. I fell in love with Epon AF 702. So, cut the chase, and I think if you love the sports of golf, all of you should go visit Bill at NOVOGOLF ASAP... I'd also like to personally like to Thank you Bill. You are the best."

— John Rhee, DDS


"Last autumn I undertook a club fitting with William Cho and was fit with Epon Irons and wedges. I have loved playing them and thoroughly enjoyed the whole fitting process. William is extremely knowledgeable and his customer service is exemplary."

— FR


"My experience at Novogolf was better than I could have hoped for. I finally feel like I have a set of clubs that fit my game. The selection of clubs to choose from was terrific and Bill was very patient and knowledgable in allowing me to find the right fit."

—Jim Engles
Head Basketball Coach, New Jersey Institute of Technology


"During the season, I meant to drop you a note to let you know that the 3W and the 5W have been great. I have been able to fairly easily and consistently able to reach long par 4s and some par 5s. The trajectories are predictable, high, and usually straight."

— Warren


"I can't thank you enough for all the improvement in my golf game this past year. As a student of the game for close to 50 years it amazes me that I am still getting better thanks to the new technology, knowledge and passion you and NOVOGOLF provides. Your recommendations on the putter, driver and irons I purchased were 'spot on' and I saw dramatic improvement immediately. Thanks again Bill, I am very excited for the 2014 Golf Season!"

— Randy Marder


"I have played golf for more than 30 years, sport a 4 handicap, and have always been interested in clubs, shafts and fitting. When the time came for an upgrade, I went to NOVOGOLF along with my preconceived ideas of what I "needed". Bill Cho and his staff, using state of the art fitting equipment and patience, fit and built clubs that really do help my game. The attention to detail in not only fitting but building the clubs was top notch. Bill and his staff have always gone the extra mile to answer all of my questions and make sure that the clubs that I put in my bag were clubs that fit me. NOVOGOLF offers the amateur golfer the opportunity to have the highest quality fitting experience and clubs built to fit."

— Hugh Leonard


"Bill Cho is a real pro when it comes to fitting clubs. His knowledge of the clubs available, swing analysis and attention to detail make him the guy to work with in New York. The facility Bill has created at NOVOGOLF is second to none. Especially considering the proximity to NYC and that your hitting balls into a real range...no nets or video interpretation... you actually see the ball flight until it's stops rolling!"

— Derek Trulson


I can't thank Bill and NOVOGOLF enough for an amazing fitting experience and for putting me into a set of clubs that perform better than anything I've ever owned.  After years of buying clubs through trial and error, I knew it was time to get properly fit and no one came more highly recommended than NOVOGOLF.  The fitting process was fun and very scientific - I got to hit numerous combinations of heads and shafts to ensure that I came away with the optimal configuration for my swing characteristics.  

As a +2 handicap, I've now gained 10-15 yards per club, all the while hitting it higher and landing it softer - exactly what I was setting out to achieve.  The Apex Pros with Recoil Proto shafts feel like butter and practically swing themselves!  It's great having the extra confidence from knowing that I am playing the perfect irons for my game and the performance is second to none.

Chris Connolly


The easy way to sum up my feelings on the new equipment that you built for me is to say that I love every club.
I have not been this happy with my equipment ever in my life.  I look forward to every shot with the new clubs.  I'm really happy that I tried the recoils in the irons.  The heads are very forgiving and the feel of the entire system is spot on.
I haven't had a 3 wood that I've even liked in years – I love this new one.  The b-series diamana feels excellent and it is by far the longest 3 wood I've ever hit.  I've had several remarks about it after flushing a dead straight high bullet right next to my playing partners' drivers.
Earlier this year I struggled with my game more than I have since becoming a decent player…I couldn't put a round together.  The combination of 1 mechanical thought, a better mental approach and the confidence I have in my new amazing equipment made all the difference.  For the last 6 weeks I've played the best golf of my life and have had the most fun I've ever had…my highest score the past 6 weeks is a 78 from the back tees at my club with about 8 beers on board haha…plenty of 71's, 73's, 75's…I've broken par on 9 holes 4 times in the last 6 rounds…I can't say enough about how perfect my clubs are.
Thank you for expediting the delivery of the clubs.  When I played with Gordon Brewer a couple of weeks ago he had apex with recoils also – we had a good conversation.  Also played with Jamie Slonis (another Pine Valley guy) – he's working for Callaway now in the region so you may cross paths with him if you haven't already.  I told him you did a great fitting and were a good Callaway brand ambassador.

Thank you very much.  It was a long road to find you guys and despite my thorough (being nice) personality you've been able to exceed my expectations and cure me of the disease of equipment-itus.

I'm looking forward to a long relationship with my stuff and when the time comes to get something new, I'll be in Tappan again wearing out your trackman.

— Charles Scalzott



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