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We offer club-fitting packages for ALL golfers. From novices to touring professionals, our highly trained fitters will ensure a fitting experience like no other. Many amateur golfers believe custom fitting only benefits the pros. On the contrary, it’s the amateur golfer who can see the biggest improvements. Pros have very consistent swings and a high percentage of center hits on the club face resulting in straight and predictable shots. Amateurs on the other hand have a greater margin of error and higher percentage of miss hits. Properly fit clubs can certainly minimize the negative result of off center hits.

Equipment technology is constantly evolving, as is the selection of products. Without a proper club fitting, it's a guessing game to know what's truly the best setup for your swing.

We take the guesswork out of the process and tell you which setup is the absolute best for your style of play. Every golfer is different. We don't use any gimmicks or software solutions that tell you the best equipment from hitting 3 shots. Our fittings are based on a solid foundation of in-depth knowledge and real world work experience on both PGA and LPGA Tours, staying at the forefront of not only launch monitor and component technologies (shaft, head, etc.) but equally important, the club building assembly.

All of our fitters are also highly trained club technicians. Understanding not only the technology, but also the specific details in properly assembling that technology is critical to ensure your fit is accurate and complete.

We currently offer two experience levels of club fitting:

Manufacturer's Fit

This is our most basic fitting and a high level version of our "Performance Fit". This is a nice option for those that are brand new to the game or simply have never been fit before.  (read more)

NOVOGOLF Performance Fit (Most Popular)

This is a very detailed and in-depth fitting session and is the ultimate fitting package if you want a thorough and complete analysis with no equipment bias from magazine articles or manufacturer advertising. The performance series fitting fees are separate from the purchase of clubs.  (read more)


All fittings utilize Trackman ball flight monitor.  This technology is unquestionably the best and most accurate launch monitor today. It's the only system used to collect official PGA tour data and the only system that will accurately track full flight and data points such as horizontal swing plane, face angle at impact, club path, angle of attack, etc. to 1/10th of a degree. In addition to the obvious (launch, spin, smash factor, land angle, ball speed, club speed, etc.) we look at all factors to determine your dynamic results.  (read more)

NOVOGOLF Technology Center

Our fittings take place in the NOVOGOLF Technology Center (1000 square foot private climate controlled state-of-the-art custom-fitting Studio). Here, we will have access to all of our fitting clubs, shafts, etc. In addition, we have the latest trackman software, different grades of synthetic grass (fairway, rough & putting green) for iron, wedge and putter fittings. The Tech center provides you with a comfortable private setting and experience like no other. All shots are hit out on to our 300+ yard range so we are able to capture and see full ball flight unlike most environments which are compromised of hitting into a net or simulator.  (read more)



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